Leela Arnet


Cambridge, MA


Leela Arnet was born and raised in Paris, France, and she fondly remembers Sunday mornings spent in the Louvre with her father who was also a painter. Along with teaching in academia, Leela has exhibited her work in the US and Europe, is a published author, poet, and playwright . She lives in the Boston area.
Her vision explores transformation, movement, texture, color, abstraction and metamorphosis.
Leela's photography has the feel of a painting.

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Note: on your orders, the watermark (fineart america) won't be on your prints, only Leela's signature will be on your prints, as it is hidden in the images, all of the works are signed.

"I work in series, If you are interested to purchase a collection of prints from the same series, contact me as I offer a collector's discount."

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Blue Edge by Leela Arnet


Shore by Leela Arnet


Snow Shadows and Twig by Leela Arnet


Night Lake by Leela Arnet


Water Circle by Leela Arnet


Midnight by Leela Arnet


Yellow Flowers On Red by Leela Arnet


Texture Blue by Leela Arnet


New Mexico by Leela Arnet


Through glass and metal by Leela Arnet


Sailing Dance by Leela Arnet


Bird Soaring by Leela Arnet


Bird In Flight by Leela Arnet


Mother and baby Dolphins by Leela Arnet


Call to the sky by Leela Arnet


Blue Way by Leela Arnet


Lavender lake by Leela Arnet


Follow the trees by Leela Arnet


Remember by Leela Arnet


Into the trees by Leela Arnet


Yellow Sky by Leela Arnet


1000 windows by Leela Arnet


Tunel to Golden Light by Leela Arnet


Cat Watching by Leela Arnet


Cat's curiosity by Leela Arnet